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Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Beginning

LBM:  So....we're officially on our travels. Sitting in Gatwick waiting the obligatory 5 hours until the next flight as all Guernsey travellers can empathise with! AK was setting up the blog and I was watching from afar so I didn't get in the way :-( Had such a stressful few days before we left, spent yesterday in a hotel with beers, wine, room service, a good film and 16 hours of sleep.
Carrying around my 20kg rucksack with minimal complaining so far - apart from it lands directly on my waist band so as I walk it slowly pushes my trousers down. Not a pretty picture.
Meeting our fellow travellers at check-in in a couple of hours. I hope they like us!!

AK: Yep, except the film was crap. I suggest nobody out there watches the new 'Sherlock Holmes'. Also, gonna set LBM up with her own log-in for this so we don't have to initial our comments. I'm tired. PS No Lara, we won't be going to Bangladesh on our trip around Africa!!


  1. Agreed, Sherlock Holmes sucks dick.

    Glad to see you've got your blog together, even if it does look disturbingly Louis Vuitton-ish.

    Hello from everyone at Healthspan :-) the zone

  2. Bon voyage - very envious. Watch out that Lara doesn't fall out of bus etc.

  3. Hi Lara You have won £44 on the lotto! How can we claim it for you? what address are you using?
    Will buy you loads of stuff!

  4. Hello my darlings lovely to be able to keep in touch with your travels.Your babies have settled in well and end up both on your dad's lap most nights or in the bedroom drawer. We will be able to buy lots of wet wipes with Lara's win. Shall we send them off to Bangladesh to await your arrival , ha ha. !! Rangers won the league cup with 9 men left. Bryan Bell and Mel had baby girl orla Mae.Speak soon, lots of love Mum and Dad xxx

  5. Hi you two. Glad to hear you are still enjoying the adventure and keeping your sense of humours.Alls well over here but the girls didn't come home a few nights ago - I was worried sick, was imagining all sorts of things they could get up to (including unwanted pregnancies which I know shouldn't be possible but you never know)anyway Win turned up at about 10 in the morning,quite hungry but no sign of Woop. I felt quite sad but when dad was on high cleaning the windows he spotted her in the yard at the flats, curled up on the doorstep, frozen stiff. He went and fetched her back and she was so pleased to be home. Dont think they'll wander too far next time. I think Phoebes song would be quite appropriate for one of them - never sure which one. One slight problem, the cream rug resembles their cat litter a bit too much!A few clean up jobs and a few choice words.
    Jess expecting again for October 3rd, maybe your birthday Ad.Im off to Kings on Tuesday 4th May for ultrasound, MRI and check up. All seems to be good. Doing half marathon in june --- 2012. Collected months supply of tablets yesterday and pharmasist asked me to order one specific kind 10 days before run out as she not allowed to keep them in stock as they alone cost £600 per month (bear in mind this is just one of my lot)!!!. Who needs caviar, this is the most expensive thing i've ever put in my mouth. Look forward to more updates. loads of love as always. Shezza xx