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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Morroco - Marrakesh, Rabat and the Atlas Mountains

Alors, nous sommes a Maroc! (french speakers please ignore if that's total merde francais)
Been on the road for 10 days with our 14 travel buddies.

Eatng some "tagine" in the famous (touristy) square in Marrakech with the rest of our travel buddies.

Weve got 4 yanks including a family of 3 with an 11 year old daughter who may actually be the coolest person on the truck!!, a canadian guy, 4 saffers, 2 ozzies, 2 kiwis, a japanese dude and us plus one brits. so we are totally outnumbered but I think holding our own. we did a great demonstration of the sprinkler dance on our 1st truck lock-in party in a Morrocan camp site!
Snails being displayed by the bucket-load!

So, we have been through Marrakesh - the boys sampling snails and sheeps brains (girls standing well clear) except of course Victoria - 11 year old american - elevating her coolness a bit more!

Taking the kids for dinner! (Check the brains in the background - they tatsed good!.)
We had a snall panic when debit card was refused along with all hopes of having any spending money this year.... but panic over all is well.

Been doing a lot of bush camping which involves driving Ruby (our truck house) along until a suitable spot appears - so far including a couple of beaches and a quarry.

Camping on the beach just outside Rabat.

Had my 3rd shower since the start yesterday - god love baby wipes!!!
We're heading off into the Atlas mountains this afternoon and away from the cities which will be nice. then through the desert - more bush camping, no showers and digging a pit in the sand to do your business. (I still havent done this to try to keep a shred of dignity in tact. I think Ive got another 24 hours before thats totally gone!)

Ad was on cook group duty last night and we sampled a camel pizza! was surprisingly good!!

This guy ended up on our pizza.

Anyhoo - ipod broke yesterday - that's right piece of crap broken so early on!!- so off to buy a knock off one in the markets. Will leave AK to try to put photos on - questionable USB thing....
Gotta get off this French keyboard is giving me brain ache!
Hope everyone ok.
Maubs xx

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