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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Passenger profile #6: Sonya - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Sonya
  • Age: 29
  • From: New Zealand
  • Aliases: Son
  • Most likely to say: "Well what gets me is..."
  • Leg of trip: Morocco to Istanbul

Knower of everything truck related. Although 'Sonya where is the...?' is not to be confused with 'Sonya can you get me the...?'

Not one to take any crap from anyone and will tell couples arguing in the corridor in the middle of the night to bugger off.

Rivals the boys with rugby knowledge.

Cannot take a photo without pulling a funny face.

The easy way to descend Dune 45 in Namibia

Posing after a few at the Sheriton

An awesome afternoon playing with a military guy's kids

Looking after the cutest child in the world

A live action shot!

A day in the life of Sonya

Looking classy on a camel (a nean feat if you ask me)

All alone in the mud

Making friends (although I think he wanted more!!) with the chief of Rhumsiki village in Cameroon

Son with a face full of pit!!

Playing with tame cheetahs in Namibia

Monday, 30 August 2010

Passenger Profile #5: Kayelene - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Kay
  • Age: 50
  • From: North Queensland, Australia
  • Aliases: Mama, African Mama, Auntie Kay.
  • Most likely to say: "Did anyone see those naked men?!!"
  • Trip leg: Morocco to Istanbul

 Always on the look out for naked men on the side of the road.

Very soon to be Grandmother!

Looks after everyone on the truck (especially the boys).

Live-in pharmacist.

Wins a close sencond to Yoichi in the loudest snoring competion (although sporadic and not EVERY night!!)

Day 2 of the Dogon trek - hitching a ride!!

Trekking up Dune 45 in Namibia

Beach life
Dressed for the Arctic whilst riding a camel?!

Sitting on an 'unsavoury' statue in Volubulis

Pinning the nipple of the model at our children's party (if it was a penis Kay would have fared much better!!)

Slightly nervous?!

After eating some crazy kind of fruit in Morocco 

Kay on her 50th birthday back in March

Always happy with a large beer in hand
Kay with hair!! (also being strangled by a snake at the same time...)
Waiting in the heat for the truck to be dug out in Cameroon
Kay after her braids were removed - AFRO!!
Looking pensive on the beautiful Brenu Beach
Before the cart arrived on the Dogon to give Kay a lift!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Passenger Profile #3: Ian - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Iannick
  • Age: 28
  • From: Canada: (Lives in Brazil)
  • Aliases: Boogie Boudreault, Wayne Gretzki
  • Most likely to say: "Is there internet?" "I have an app for that."
  • Leg of trip: Morocco to Nigeria

 Speaker of 5 languages (and currently learning German...)

Onboard interpreter.

A walking advert and endorser of any Apple related product.

Co-founder of Disco doughnuts (soon to be found at

Final stop in Africa was Nigeria where he continued on to travel lots more of the world for the next 6 months or so.

Not sure who's trying to hypnotize who??

I'd like to say they were drunk, but sadly they were not

On the road to nowhere

Looking a bit too cool to be about to trek off into the desert on a camel

Musician extraordinaire

Yes, Ian is sitting backwards on his camel!

Playing with the tinyest monkey ever in Ghana

Snoozing on the job

The reincarnation of Patrick Swayze?

Lampshade hats in Morocco

Partying with the head torch!

Disco Dave and Boogie Boudreault introducing Disco Doughnuts

Or perhaps a gay rights campaign??

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Passenger Profile #2: Mindi - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Melinda-Sue
  • Age: 36
  • From: Michigan, USA
  • Aliases: Mindi, Mindi-Sue (must be said in a Disney friendly accent!), Bride to be.
  • Most likely to say: "Hi, how are you?" "I do!"
  • Leg of trip: Morocco to Benin

Resident self-confessed chatterbox.

Lover of all things Africa - including African babies...

Biggest, whitest smile you've ever seen.

Very outgoing and keen to socialise with the locals.

Left us in Benin to get married to her Nigerian boyfriend.

Ready to fight the desert dust
Buying some dinner with cook group buddy, Karen.
Fancy way of sleeping in the truck
Getting married to Femmie (sp?) in Nigeria

Looking stunning in traditional African wedding outfit.
Mindi hanging out

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Passenger Profile #1: Zakiya - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Zakiya
  • Age: 27
  • From: Johannesburg, SA
  • Aliases: Zed 1, One half of "The Zeds".
  • Leg of trip: Morocco to Nigeria
  • Most likely to: LAUGH!!

Became Squirt's personal history of Africa teacher.

Loved Nandos, Chicken fact all places relating to chicken.

Loved Morocco, relished in being able to chat to the locals in Arabic.

Also super-sociable.

Abandoned us in Cameroon to go watch the World Cup.

Zakiya is happy even when she's brushing her teeth!

Possibly nervous laughter?!!


Cheeky again!

So happy!

Happy on the beach at Alaska resort in Ghana

Time out!!

Rocking the South African footie shirt at the Canopy Walk at Kakum National Park, Ghana