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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Photos that never made it onto the blog...

God bless resident photographer Kyle for this amazing shot of driver Mark

Dancing to MJ's Don't Blame it on the Sunshine!!

Football crazy at the Canopy walk - World Cup fever has reached us even here!

Tiny monkey in Ghana eating the feathers of our recently plucked dinner

The Green Turtle Lodge playing some pool and drinking some beer

The studious look

Chilling in a military bar in Mali - his 2 kids were great entertainment

Buying charcoal on the road

Kyle and Zah sharing a romantic bush shower moment!

Always happy for a photo in Nigeria

An audience at breakfast time

Cute kids on the beach in Togo

In a minibus stuck on the motorway in Contonou on our way to get Visas

The guys on their early morning canoe ride at Busua Beach

Sitting by the Tsetse fly/elephant lake...can't remember where, will edit later!

In Dogon country - a sandstorm sadly has left a dust cloud in all the photos

Having a rest on day 3 of the Dogon trek in Mali. So tired!!!

Canoe ride to see the mud mosque in Djenne

Staying at the Sleeping Camel hostel in Mali. A dip in the pool shortly followed this pic

On the camel trek into the
Morrocan desert

A local guy in the Atlas mountains invited us for breakfast

At a beach camp somewhere in Mauritania

Obligatory jumping shot. Slight misunderstandings on the meaning of 1,2,3, jump led to an interesting picture!!

Random posing to pass time!!

A nice cheesy pose outside one the palaces in Marocco

Sitting somewhere I think in Mauritania??...

Team amazing cook group sporting official fezes

We met a couple of guys biking down from the UK to Mali and back up again. We saw them a few times from Morocco and into Mauritania. Hard riding in the dessert.

Mark, Neal, Kyle and AK stopping in the shade of the truck

Sharing the sheesha pipe one night

At one of the many Marjane shopping malls in Marocco doing some laundry in the shade

At the waterfall at Guba village in Nigeria. You can just about make out Son, Yoich, Dave and me

We do know how to pick our bush camp spots well!!

Out at the Todra Gorge for dinner to celebrate Zah's birthday

Dave, Kyle, Ian & Zah somewhere in Morroco


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