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Friday, 27 August 2010

Passenger Profile #3: Ian - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Iannick
  • Age: 28
  • From: Canada: (Lives in Brazil)
  • Aliases: Boogie Boudreault, Wayne Gretzki
  • Most likely to say: "Is there internet?" "I have an app for that."
  • Leg of trip: Morocco to Nigeria

 Speaker of 5 languages (and currently learning German...)

Onboard interpreter.

A walking advert and endorser of any Apple related product.

Co-founder of Disco doughnuts (soon to be found at

Final stop in Africa was Nigeria where he continued on to travel lots more of the world for the next 6 months or so.

Not sure who's trying to hypnotize who??

I'd like to say they were drunk, but sadly they were not

On the road to nowhere

Looking a bit too cool to be about to trek off into the desert on a camel

Musician extraordinaire

Yes, Ian is sitting backwards on his camel!

Playing with the tinyest monkey ever in Ghana

Snoozing on the job

The reincarnation of Patrick Swayze?

Lampshade hats in Morocco

Partying with the head torch!

Disco Dave and Boogie Boudreault introducing Disco Doughnuts

Or perhaps a gay rights campaign??

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