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Monday, 30 August 2010

Passenger Profile #5: Kayelene - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Kay
  • Age: 50
  • From: North Queensland, Australia
  • Aliases: Mama, African Mama, Auntie Kay.
  • Most likely to say: "Did anyone see those naked men?!!"
  • Trip leg: Morocco to Istanbul

 Always on the look out for naked men on the side of the road.

Very soon to be Grandmother!

Looks after everyone on the truck (especially the boys).

Live-in pharmacist.

Wins a close sencond to Yoichi in the loudest snoring competion (although sporadic and not EVERY night!!)

Day 2 of the Dogon trek - hitching a ride!!

Trekking up Dune 45 in Namibia

Beach life
Dressed for the Arctic whilst riding a camel?!

Sitting on an 'unsavoury' statue in Volubulis

Pinning the nipple of the model at our children's party (if it was a penis Kay would have fared much better!!)

Slightly nervous?!

After eating some crazy kind of fruit in Morocco 

Kay on her 50th birthday back in March

Always happy with a large beer in hand
Kay with hair!! (also being strangled by a snake at the same time...)
Waiting in the heat for the truck to be dug out in Cameroon
Kay after her braids were removed - AFRO!!
Looking pensive on the beautiful Brenu Beach
Before the cart arrived on the Dogon to give Kay a lift!

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