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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Photos that never made it onto the blog - Part 2

Counting out Kay's many many many yards of fabric
A rare view of Ruby from the outside
The family
A stunning beach sunset in Ghana
Barbequed monkey for sale on the road
Amazing clear water at Wikki Warm Springs
Child replicating the position the slaves were made to sit in the ships (Benin)
Women off to work near Guba in Cameroon
Climbing down an escarpment to get to a waterfall near Gube - we aren't falling over really....

All our waterfall friends

Chilling in camp on a night before it started to get cold again
Cameroonian villagers
Having a mint tea in a fabric shop in Morocco
These guys didn't leave our side for the 3 days we spent in Rhumsiki
These guys had never been in a photo before
Having dinner at the chief's house in Rhumsiki
Camping under the stars in Rhumsiki
Some glowing coals
Supporting Cameroon all the way
The Professor and the student
Having breakfast in the Atlas Mountains
Some cool kids
Watching the sun go down in Maroua
Everyone looking HOT in the truck
Rose and family at the beach in Kribi
Taking a rare river shower to get rid of all the dust
Pretty hot and bothered on the Dogon trek
Can't tell you why we have these expressions on our faces?!?! (Dogon)
Fish seller on a Mauritanian beach
Dancing dudes in Mauritania
1 of Squirt's awesome pictures of the Rhumsiki mountains
Cutest child in the world - check out the booties!
Squeezing in to watch the football in Cameroon
Pushing the truck out of a  bog in the Wazza National Park
Ladies on their way home from work in Garoua
Smallest chameleon ever - so cute!!
Dave checking out the truck frenzy in Nigeria
Antoher cool village scene from the sides of the truck
Trying to figure out a way to escape from the Sheriton, Nigeria
Walking through Guba village, Dave and AK are surrounded!
Watching kids play fighting whilst waiting for the truck to be dug out of Bog Number 1
Everyone in the village arrived to offer advice of how to rescue us...
Observing the digging - until the chief shooed them away!
Taking a rest in the afternoon sun
Small child with huge belly and also a huge machete
Market scene in Angola - all the stalls are selling the same thing, so hard to decide which one to go to!

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