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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Passenger Profile #7: Mark K - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Mark
  • Age: 34
  • From: Dewsbury, England
  • Aliases: Dave, Berber Dave, Berbs, Smelly, Davey Boy, Disco Dave, Tollyman
  • Most likely to say:  "Just been having a quick skommel" "Just been having a dump." "Tollie."
  • Leg of trip: Morocco to Istanbul

 Has enough energy to match a 10 year old boy.

Always helping out, usually so much in the morning he doesn't have time to wash etc :(

Loves a good night out.

Loves to use his tools to whittle things out of wood - made a fine spork addition to the cutlery box for the truck

Doing a spot of fishing a Felou waterfall
The locals all rush to be friends with the Berber Dave

Battle of the patriots

Lots of smoke, but no fire :(

In charge of moving low telephone and electricity lines out of the path of Ruby

Still not 100% sure about his sexuality....

Eating maggots

The chops!!

Dave in his element - covered in dirt

Sampling the homebrew in Cameroon

Comparing beards before it had to go

Dave with his very own brown baby

The birth of Berber Dave

Chatting to the Dogon children

Doing some martial arts style climbing

Ending it in Spitzkoppe, Namibia

A display of manhood and strenght tossing the mudmat

Doctor Dolittle?

Driving the chopper

Playing with his snake hee hee

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