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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Passenger Profile #13: Kyle - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

  • Name: Kyle.
  • Age: 21
  • From: South Africa
  • Aliases: Kylie Minogue, Pup, Homeless,
  • Most likely to say: "Dominated!" or "No respect!" (There's actually too many to list here!)
  • Trig leg: Morocco to Istanbul

 Professional photographer who puts us all to shame (but always there to offer advice).

Loves to 'boogie board' (although he'd kill me for saying that!!!)

Driver Mark's protege - even bought his very own overalls for helping out with the mechanics.

Loves music - has bought a local variation of the guitar in most of the countries we've been to.

Accident prone...worst case scenarios equal inch wide craters in his legs after mosquito bites, malaria TWICE, and falling through the floor of a 2 storey rusted oil rig in the middle of the Namibian desert.


Loves being in the thick of it

"Your country needs you!"

Downed chopper

Always with his camera out

Being sold some fabrics and carpets in Morocco

Watching the sunrise in Namibia

Awesome action shot on the beach in Mauritania


Scuba Steve!!

Photographer extraordinaire

Squeezed into the back of a tiny motorbike taxi, people had to share seats!

Scary expression...

Off to build the tent

Kyle sporting his traditional hat from Mali

Trying to catch a chicken for dinner at the Burkina Faso border (Fail!)

The real Scuba Steve!

Giovana Ribisi?

So tiny!!

On top of Dune 45

After falling through the oil rig in Namibia!


  1. Hello Adam
    Love the profile on my beautiful son, please send me that photo (Giovana Ribisi) on email so I can get it printed off nicely.
    i will sms my email address to Kyle.
    Please keep an eye on him.
    Thanks ever so much
    From another caring mother

  2. RASTA! This one is a legend mos. Love checking out the photos. Homeless. We miss you buddy. x