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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Passenger Profile #15 - Victoria - African Trails 'Ultimate Trans Africa' Overland Trip

Name: Victoria
  • Age: 11
  • From: Massachusetts, US
  • Aliases: (where do I start....) Squirt, The General, Capitaine, Tiny, Squirty Dobkins, Squirt Kobain, Squirtly Ambrose 
  • Most likely to say: Something witty.
  • Trip leg: Morocco to Cape Town

Youngest member of the truck who already had 78 countries travelled in her young life.

Very intelligent girl - could talk to anyone about anything and probably know more about it!

Loves being in the swimming pool.

Played some awesome Yahtzee tournaments whilst bouncing around in the back of the truck on a dirt road.

Takes better photographs then me (enough said).

Didn't grow at all on the 5 months she spent with us.

LOVES cheese.

Left with the family in cape Town.

Having a photography lesson with Kyle in the Congo

Chameleon Squirt found after we macheted down it's bush home to make space for our kitchen :(

But don't worry - she found it a new home.

'Please help me....Nobody loves me and I'm soooo cold'

Somewhere looking confused with Dave...

Victoria won the bobbing for apples contest with a record of time of less than 2 seconds!

Posing at the Equator crossing in Gabon

Huge camel.....or tiny person?!

Grinding millet with the local girls on the Dogon trek in Mali

Somewhere cold!!

On a truck clean with all the family's stuff spread across the truck - how did it all fit in the locker?????!

Collecting natural loofahs from the Sheriton in Nigeria

At home and happy with petting cheetahs

Being launched across the pool by Kyle at Ai-Ais hot springs (I LOVE this photo btw)

Doing her homework all alone in the Namib desert

Pretty lady

'Playing' with adders!

Staying with the family in Cape Town we got to see Vickytoria do some skating

She was awesome!!

Posing for us in her official skating outfit - Love it

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